Status Report

We're just starting to use the potty, aren't we? We know it's a little late, but we're getting the hang of it, only a few accidents, and we are very, very proud of ourselves. We're wearing Big Boy underpants during the day and pull-ups at night, since we aren't night-trained yet. That's the next step. It's taken this long because we are just a little bit stubborn, like our dad. We still throw our little tantrums, don't we? Flop on the floor and kick our feet and scream when we don't want to do something, even at the supermarket? Then we just get a time out after all that so it isn't really worth it, is it? We are still a very picky eater. Nothing green. Everything has to be separate on the plate. Colors can't touch. The doctor wants us to drink a supplement because we're a little underweight so we mix it with chocolate milk to hide the taste. And bedtime is still terrible. We keep wanting another story and another glass of water and then we don't feel well and then we have eyes in the closet and scary noises and all the lights have to be kept on and it's midnight before we get to sleep and of course we're falling asleep at preschool in the morning and the teacher blames me as if I’ve been hosting a preschool party all night. And on playdates we refuse to share and now no one wants to come over or invite us to their house. But we are learning to write our name and pretty soon we'll be publishing books but really, really it was so much easier during pregnancy when we were both one.